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Children's University

The USB Children's University welcomes curious children aged 6 to 12. In this program, children will get first-hand experience of the university environment, excellent technology, and new discoveries in science.

Young students will go through all the stages of university education like their older counterparts. They will begin with a ceremonial opening, and enrollment. They will get their personal study index with marks and credits and at the end, at a graduation ceremony, they will get their Young Student Diploma.

What can the young explorers look forward to?

The Faculty of Education will introduce various fields of study: biology, geography, applied physics and technology, art and physical education, mathematics, psychology and much more. For example, they will retrace the steps of landscape painters, take part in physics experiments, learn how different materials behave and test their physical abilities.

The Faculty of Health and Social Sciences will show them how paramedics work in an ambulance. They will try taking blood with an arm model and learn to treat and plaster broken bones. The lessons will guide the kids through various corners of health care professions.

The Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters will take the young students to faculty indoor and outdoor facilities where they will meet various water creatures. They will learn about water environment and what lives in it, how ponds and floodplains work, where the fish migrate and how diverse the water world is.


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